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Entrepreneurship 5 online choices 28 de October de 2016

5 online choices, in Brazil and around the world to form entrepreneurs

Betting on online education has been an alternative for entrepreneurs who need support to open their own business. Check the case of Karen Figueiredo and 5 school tips. (...)

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Technology Computing in the Cloud 27 de October de 2016

Cloud Computing+ IoT, new challenges for the software

By Roberto C. Mayer* The spread of Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (Iot) has created a wide space for innovative implementations. Thousands of startups are being (...)

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Technology Technology in favor oflearning 3 de October de 2016

Technology in favor oflearning

The use of digital Technologies is promoting greater learning opportunities in Educational Institutions of different levels and, for that reason, mobile devices are an important educational resource for (...)

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