Cell Phone Rental with Tec Mobile

Cell phone rental is the simplest and most economical option for your company’s projects. You determine the period and the quantity and we show you the best options.
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Renting a cell phone with Tec Mobile is simple and fast

1st Step

1st Step - Request your budget
Request your budget and tell us a little about your project.

2nd Step

2nd Step - Tec Mobile develops the ideal solution
We will develop the ideal solution for your need.

3rd Step

3rd Step - Receive your cell phone wherever you are
Receive cell phones wherever you are .

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Buy or rent cell phone?

In doubt if cell phone rental is the best option for your project? In the video below we explain the main points to consider on this issue. Watch and clarify your doubts.


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Benefits of cell phone rental

Best cost-benefit ratio

Best cost-benefit ratio

Do not buy equipment that depreciates
so quickly. Count on smartphones always updated and available for the period you want.

Focus on your business

Focus on your business

Use our solution package and don’t worry.
Count on the support and maintenance of smartphone phones
and avoid any technical failure.


Tec Mobile, the most complete solution for your business

Delivery nationwide

Delivery nationwide

Receive rented smartphones with the punctuality you seek in the place you need.

Tailored software

Tailored software

Get more performance with complete, tailor-made software.

State-of-the-art smartphone phones

State-of-the-art smartphone phones

Equipment that offers the most up-to-date technology to provide the best possible results.


Technology & Equipment

Tec Mobile makes available for Android or IOS cell phone rental.
You choose which system is right for your project.

Android or Apple Smartphone Rental


Long-term rental cases

Discover 2 cases of large companies in which we collaborate, transforming their operations with the use of mobile devices into long-term projects.


Common questions

Yes, in addition to cell phone rentals, we rent 4g internet chips from different operators and data packages, all so that you have the best cost-benefit possible.

If you need, we also offer the rental of portable routers, so you never run out of internet.