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Renting tablets with Tec Mobile is the most simple and economical option for your project.

Renting tablets with Tec Mobile is simple and fast.

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The benefits of renting tablets

The best cost-benefit

The best cost-benefit

Do not buy equipment that depreciates quickly.
Rely on cutting-edge tablets that are available
for the period you need.

Focus on your business

Focus on your business

Make use of our solution package and do not worry.
Rely on our support and maintenance of the rented
tablets and avoid technical failures.

Tec Mobile – complete solutions in Tablet Rental

Delivery in all the national territory

Delivery in all the national territory:

Receive the rented tablets at the time and the place where you need them.

Personalized software for your surveys

Personalized software for your surveys:

Have better performance with complete and personalized software.

Cutting-edge tablets

Cutting-edge tablets:

Equipment that provide fast and efficient results.

Technology and equipment

Tec Mobile makes Android or IOS equipment available for rental.
You choose which system is the ideal one for your project.

Learn about the available models
Learn about the available models

Frequent asked questions

Yes, we can do that! We deliver in any part of Brazil and Colombia with a shipping and return service. By using it you save the shipping costs. As we have big volumes of loads, we can negotiate the best cost with the carriers that are our partners and we can share this benefit with our clients.

We count and charge the rental period starting from the day the equipment is delivered in the final destination, in the beginning of your project. That means more savings for you!

For example, if there is some load to be sent to Recife, hiring our service, you do not pay the days needed for the load to arrive there. Your rental period starts when you receive the equipment and you do not need to worry about anything else. And when returning the equipment, the same thing happens, what means that we will consider that the rental period will finish the day before the load withdrawal. The time it will take to be returned is on us.

If you decide to do it by yourself it is necessary to receive the tablets some days in advance so that they can be shipped. This means you will have higher costs to rent them.

Besides paying more for shipping, your team will have to do all this extra work, follow the load and you have the risk of having the equipment retained by fiscal inspection in other states if you do not follow all the procedures correctly, including all the red tape regarding invoices, tax procedure codes, etc.

The first thing to do is to remain calm. If all the necessary procedures are followed there is almost no risk of tablets being lost or stolen. We can help you reduce this risk even more with some exclusive tips.

But, for your safety and peace, our solution is the shared protection service.

With this service we share with you the most probable risks that are theft, robbery or electrical damage.

If any of these things happen you will be partially responsible for the equipment.

In order to avoid accidents, ALL our equipment is sent with high quality cases.

We will also send you a small manual to teach you how to use the devices safely. In this manual you will find efficient tips to avoid this kind of damage.

But, as we always think of solutions for our clients, we have a service of screen protection.

With a small amount added to the daily cost of your rental, if the screen of the tablet is damaged, you do not need to pay for it and we take care of everything for you.

Of course! We can set up the tablets, install content, apps, mobile internet and everything you need so that the equipment is delivered ready to be used.

Our solutions involve tablet rental, software development and the installation of mobile internet sim cards.

We offer internet service and data packages of different companies. Everything thought in order to offer you the best cost-benefit.

Besides that, we have other connectivity solutions, such as portable Reuters so that you do not spend a moment without internet connection.