Galaxy tablet and iPad rental with Tec Mobile – more savings and peace of mind for your project

Renting tablets with Tec Mobile means having the guarantee of best cost-benefit, agility, 24/7 support and the largest inventory of tablets from Brazil.
Count on the experience of those who have developed more than 6 thousand projects for rental of tablets over 9 years.


Alugar tablet conosco é muito simples:

Step 1

Step 1 - Request your budget
Request a budget and state your need.

Step 2

2nd Step - Tec Mobile assesses your need and develops the most cost-effective solution.
We will evaluate the information to develop the best solution .

Step 3

3rd Step - Receive tablets wherever you are
Receive tablets in any region of Brazil .

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Buy or rent tablets?

If you are in doubt as to whether tablet rental is the best option for your project, the video below shows the main points to consider in this matter. Watch and clarify your doubts.

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Benefits of Tablet Rental

Best cost x benefit

Best cost x benefit

Do not buy equipment that quickly depreciates. Count on updated tablets available for the period you want.

Focus on your business

Focus on your business

Use our solution package and don’t worry
about tablet support, logistics and maintenance rented.


Tec Mobile – The Most Complete Solution for Your Business

Delivery nationwide

Delivery nationwide

Get devices on time where you need them.

Software sob medida


Discover our software for Events – Receptive – and Data Collection – Telescope.

State-of-the-art tablets

State-of-the-art tablets

Equipment that offers the latest in security and processing, to provide results in an agile and effective way.


Technology & Equipment

Tec Mobile offers tablets with Android or iOS systems.

Tablets rental with Android or iOS operating system Main tablet models


Long-term tablet rental cases

Discover 2 cases of large companies in which we collaborate transforming their operations with the use of tablets into long-term projects


Frequently Asked Questions

As a protocol for preventing COVID-19, all of our tablets are disinfected following guidelines from WHO, ANVISA and the Ministry of Health. With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, we hired a specialized security consultancy of the work, which developed processes to make sure that all tablets are free of any contamination when they are sent to our customers. We have also defined internal protocols that aim to ensure the safety of all employees. Find out more in our video Covid-19 – Safely resuming activities on Youtube.
We also rent notebooks, cell phones, smartphones, modems, routers, totems for tablets and a 4g internet chip. We have two software developed for events and digital data collection. Learn more at our solutions .
Yes, as a large part of our clients are organizing agencies and companies that hold events, we develop solutions that go beyond the tablet rental for events, as is the case with Receptiva, an accreditation system for events that allows the organizer to manage all the registrations and the digital accreditation of the guests. Contact us for a free demo
Yes, we deliver rented tablets anywhere in Brazil – Acre (AC), Alagoas (AL), Amapá (AP), Amazonas (AM), Bahia (BA), Ceará (CE) ), Distrito Federal (DF), Espírito Santo (ES), Goiás (GO), Maranhão (MA), Mato Grosso (MT), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), Minas Gerais (MG), Pará (PA), Paraíba (PB), Paraná (PR), Pernambuco (PE), Piauí (PI), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Rio Grande do Norte (RN), Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Rondônia (RO), Roraima (RR) ), Santa Catarina (SC), São Paulo (SP), Sergipe (SE), Tocantins (TO) -, through the shipping and return service. With it, our customers save on freight, because, as we have a large volume of cargo, we are able to negotiate better costs with partner carriers and pass this benefit on to our customers.

We charge the lease only after the equipment arrives at its destination, in short, at the beginning of your project. That means more savings!

For example, if you have to send a cargo to Recife, hiring our service, you do not pay the advance days needed for transportation. Anyway, your rental is considered only from the delivery of the equipment at the destination and you do not have to worry about anything else. The return is the same, that is, your rental is considered only until the day before the date the cargo is collected, so the return time is up to us.

If you are shipping on your own, you must receive the tablets a few days in advance for shipping. This is an extra cost in your project!

In addition to paying more for transportation, your team will have to take care of all this, monitor the cargo and you can still have the equipment retained by the farm inspection in other states if you don’t do everything right, taking care of the paperwork of bills tax codes, tax procedure codes, etc.

First calm down. If you take the necessary care, this risk is extremely small. We can help you narrow them down with exclusive tips.

But for your peace of mind, our solution is the exclusive shared protection service.

Through it we share with you the most likely risks, that is, theft, qualified theft or electrical damage.

If something like this happens your responsibility is only partial on the equipment.

To avoid this, ALL our equipment is shipped with a super reinforced case.

We also send a small manual for safe use of the devices. It has tips that are sufficient to prevent this type of damage.

But thinking about solutions for our customers we have the screen saver service.

With a minimum amount added to the daily rate, if the tablet’s screen is broken, you don’t have to pay for the repair and we take care of everything.

Sure! We can configure, install content, applications, mobile internet and everything you need so that the equipment arrives in your hands ready to use.

Our solutions involve everything from the rental of tablets, software to the installation of mobile internet chips.

We offer internet services from different operators and data packages, all so that you have the best cost-benefit ratio.

In addition, we have other connectivity solutions, such as portable routers so you never run out of internet.