Connecting Information to the digital world

Tec Mobile is

leader in complete solutions for tablets and software

focusing on the areas of market survey and agencies. We deliver new technological tools so that your market survey results are more efficient, modern and innovative.

We develop from the content, creating software and apps under request to meet your survey needs, to the rental of gadgets, distribution and withdrawal in Brazil.





and help you company to save time and money, besides providing more satisfaction to your client with complete and efficient strategies, using the most modern, reliable and flexible technologies.

What makes us leaders

Atendimento diferenciado

Special service

Commitment, transparency and attention in all the relations with our clients.

Soluções diversificadas

Diversified solutions

Analysis and specific development of the ideal solutions to our clients.

Pontualidade desejada


Agility in the processes to deliver solutions within a deadline.

Credibilidade reconhecida

Well-known credibility

Company recognized in the country with long lasting and quality partnerships.

Atuação na Colômbia

Performance in Colombia

Tec Mobile is a company that is in constant development with a

solid expansion project

which has the goal of becoming an strategic supplier in

South and Central America


In 2016, with the support of the federal government of São Paulo, we opened an office in Colombia. Now, we can do your market and opinion survey projects, advertisement campaigns, and other things internationally.

Make use of our structure in


to develop you projects in the second most populous country in South America, with a positive economic growth in the last 10 years and the most promising economy in the region.

Tec Mobile is

an official partner with


A Tec Mobile é parceira oficial Samsung

Tec Mobile - Parceira oficial Samsung

Environmental Responsibility

Tec Mobile is a company aware of its social obligations and it supports projects such as

AACD Teleton

Projeto JEDA

Instituto Sonhar Acordado

the scouts group Tibiriça

, among so many others. Besides that, it also encourages saving natural resources with its own solutions, reducing the use of paper that can be replaced by tablets.