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    SP Pesquisas is an institute of Market Survey founded in 1996. Since then, the company does qualitative and quantitative surveys that aim to understand the consumer’s behavior and, consequently help clients to offer products and services that match the attitudes, values and needs of the target audience.

    Although it has always been a successful company, with qualified professionals and performing in different areas, SP Pesquisas managed the processes manually, with all the information on paper. After the interviews were over, the employees would scan the results so that they could be filed in a computer. What means that the work, the time and the chance of mistakes were way higher.

    The chosen solution

    At that moment, São Paulo Pesquisar noticed that it needed to automate the processes and adapt itself to new technologies, once the clients were looking for faster answers and the  implementation of methods which could guarantee fast results, reliable information  and cost redcuction so that they could be more competitive in the market.

    However, buying dozens of tablets for a specific period wasn’t such an attractive idea for the company, after all this equipment demands great investment and they lose value as time goes by.

    When they got in touch with Tec Mobile, the Institute received an analysis of the market scenario and the ideal proposal for the business. Today, São Paulo Pesquisas counts on the rental of cutting-edge tablets, that are already connected to the Internet and with geo apps installed to make the projects easier and more viable.

    Tec Mobile, then, started to supply the demand of the company in all the national territory, once the delivery of the equipment in every state provided more efficiency and less worries with logistics.

    The results

    Now, with the solutions in tablets and software of Tec Mobile, São Paulo Pesquisas does not need to worry about taking results to the Institute. This process is automatic and more practical, making the mobility of the interviewers easier. Besides, the time to do the survey went from 15 to 10 days with the use of this technology, what saved 30% of the time.

    With such efficient results, Tec Mobiles solution has also reduced costs. Scanning the processes, which used to demand a great deal of resources, such as paper and employee energy, brought an economy of 8% to SP Pesquisas, without mentioning the support of environmental issues.

    Saved 30% of search time

    Sustainable business solution

    Economy of 8% on expenses

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