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    Founded on Nov 04th, 1924, the group of Brazilian scouts is a private non-profit association, that is part of the national scout’s groups. It is the only group authorized by the world organization of the movement to practice scouting in the country. Nowadays about 80 thousand scouts are reunited in 607 cities due to volunteer work of 20 adults.

    In the last 10 years, the Escoteiros do Brasil has grown around 35% reaching all Brazilian states and promoting more and more events with different activities that attract young people to take control of their own development and to get involved with the community, forming real leaders.

    But, with a higher demand of events and people interested in scouting, Escoteiros do Brasil noticed the need of faster processes in the reception of the events, since the check-in of the public of all the scout events and activities was done manually, checking name by name in traditional lists. The number of papers and the line that the professionals had to deal with was enormous, what made the activity exhausting.

    The chosen solution

    When they got in touch with Tec Mobile, it was suggested more than just an update of the reception process of the events with the rental of tablets. After a careful analysis of the scenario, it was possible to notice that even with the technological mechanism and without papers, the process would still take a long time.

    It was when Tec Mobile suggested complete solutions. Besides renting tablets, the reception app, which meets the necessity of looking up the names of people in line, was provided.

    The professionals identify the students through their initials, Consulting information on each one and they can even print a label with the information needed.

    The results

    Implementing tablets with the reception app developed by Tec Mobile installed allowed a faster and practical reception, eradicating paper lists and decreasing the lines. The app also allowed to include names and check how many and which people are already at the event, without mentioning it is also possible to say the exact time each person arrived.

    “I save time and it makes my work way easier. It is very good because being faster I eradicate lines. If there’s any line it’s with two or three people in the maximum and that happen only at  peak times, such as the arrival at the event”, says Sérgio Malanconi from Escoteiros do Brasil.

    No more paper lists

    Significant decrease of lines

    On time inquiry

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